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How much you know about Dr. Vishnuvardhan
How much you know about Dr. Vishnuvardhan
1. When was Dr. Vishnuvardhan born ?

2. What is the real name of Dr. Vishnuvardhan ?

3. How many languages Dr. Vishnuvardhan has acted ?

4. How many movies Dr. Vishnuvardhan has acted in Hindi ?

5. What is Dr. Vishnuvardhan mother name ?

6. How many number of movies Dr. Vishnuvardhan has done in total ?

7. Which was the first kannada movie shot in foreign location ?

8. What was the chandrashekar Kambar's Novel based movie in which Vishnuvardhan has acted ?

9. When was Vishnuvardhan and Bharati married ?

10. In which movie did Vishnuvardhan first sing a song ?

11. Which is the first movie Dr. Vishnuvardhan acted ?

12. Which University awarded him the Honarary Doctorate ?

13. How many triple Role movie has Vishnuvardhan acted ?

14. Name this actress who has acted with Vishnuvardhan in a very famous movie ?
Actress with Vishnuvardhan

15. From which movie is this clip ?vishnuvardhan-quiz

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