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How much you know about Dr. Rajkumar
How much you know about Dr. Rajkumar
1. Dr. Rajkumar was born on ?

2. Dr. Rajkumar mothers name ?

3. When was the first movie of Dr. Rajkumar ?

4. How many childrens does Dr. Rajkumar has ?

5. Which university awarded Doctorate to Rajkumar ?

6. Which was the Dr. Rajkumar's 100th movie ?

7. What was Dr. Rajkumar film production company name called ?

8. How many awards does Dr. Rajkumar won for best actor from filmfare ?

9. When was Padma Bhushan awarded to Dr. Rajkumar ?

10. When was Dr. Rajkumar rewarded as Karnataka Ratna ?

11. When was Dr. Rajkumar kidnapped by Veerappan ?

12. Shabdavedi movie was made against a social evil. What was that evil ?

13. For how many days did Rajkumar was captured by Veerappan ?

14. Who is the top actresses Dr. Rajkumar appeared with ?

15. Dr. Rajkumar's 150th movie ?

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